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Agronomist engineer


Graduated in agronomist studies, major in southern countries, minor in management, Ivan have learned a lot about agronomy around the world.
In Indonesia, he has worked as an agronomist in a tea field : Aim was to redact an agronomist report that would explain how tea farms and factory worked together, in order to provide tea for great companies.
In Senegal, Ivan had worked with director of national union of Senegalese agricultural cooperatives. Ivan then helped him creating an ambitious company that is aimed to sell Senegalise products (cashew, sesame seeds, mango mainly) and import second hand agricultural machine.
This gives an efficient background about agribusiness.

Nowadays, it has been one year and half that Ivan lives in Latvia, managing this company. alongside with Kevin, they worked on the structure in order to develop it.

Kevin Zerdan
Agro-industry engineer


Graduated in agronomist studies, major in Southern countries, minor in agro industry Kevin worked all around the world. He first stayed several month in Canada, working in a farm that was specialized about organic products.
Later, Kevin also worked in Dakar, in order to manage construction and set up of a new fish factory. This factory gathered fish from Western African coast, packing them and selling them all over Africa. 

Kevin carries technical knowledge about food industry that are precious for us. Thanks to him, we may apply expertise on different suppliers, so we are able to chose wisely what is the best for you.